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Off the Clock Tech Support April 27, 2013

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It never fails, once someone finds out you work in IT, you become tech support. I think it's how dentists or accountants feel.

It's typically the same problem: "my computer is really slow". Rarely is the computer in question less than one or two years old.

I did some years on the technical side of IT before moving over to the security side, and because of this I realize an important truth. Security cannot be separate from technology, therefore good tech support will also address information security. Okay, so I got this from the venerable Bruce Schneier.

Information security is all about the infamous CIA triad, that is confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Without these things, IT is more of a hindrance than a tool. That being said, "growing up" in IT, I was never taught about security. We ...

Hello World...Coming Soon Jan. 23, 2013

joe geek-dad

I remember my first Hello World. It was 1998 and I was learning Java in my high school computer science class.

The concept is simple: get Hello World to display on the screen; but it was exciting. It was the beginning of something totally new, I was learning to program. At last the realization of my geekness was coming to fruition, it was my first encounter with technology and I was hooked.

I've written many Hello World programs since then. I still get that anxious, excited feeling every time I try a new language or a new bit of tech.

But I'm starting the most excellent geek project. I'm going to be a father, a dad. Not just any dad....a geek dad. I cannot wait to share my excitement for how things work and ...

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