Holy Crap, I'm Almost Done with my Masters Degree

Published on by joe in info-sec.

I received an email recently from my advisor letting me know a course has become available for next term. This means I will be done in June. My original goal was to finish before my son's second birthday, though now I'm having trouble actually believing it's going to happen.

I've really enjoyed my coursework. I chose Florida Tech University Online for a couple of reasons:

  1. They offered a masters degree in Cybersecurity and Information Assurance
  2. The prerequisites included programming and advanced math
  3. Florida Tech is a brick-and-mortar school with a solid educational history
  4. All courses were offered online

The information security field is often misunderstood, but at its core the field is about fighting fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD). FUD creates barriers for effective security and is rooted in deep misunderstandings about vulnerability and risk. You cannot make a good judgment call on security controls if you do not understand the vulnerability and risk. It's a constant struggle in tearing down misconceptions and replacing them with truth. This is very hard. People, often in management positions, are simply not equipped with the technical background in IT to understand security. To communicate vulnerability and risk effectively takes patience and the ability to convert esoteric IT terminology into meaningful business/operational impacts. Security should be seen as an enabler but information security people have a habit of being "no" people. We should be "here's how" people.

I'm looking forward to continuing my career in this field. It's always a challenge but I truly enjoy being the bridge between IT and management.

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